Ministries of Restoration

Marilyn Mars 

"Activating the Promise of Restoration - Jer. 30:17"


Women's Call To Santification

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“Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.” – Joshua 3:5.

This was Joshua’s call to the children of Israel in Biblical Times for a return to a life of virtue, and it is the same call to us today. We simply cannot do the work that God have been reserved and prepared for us women to do unless we can access the strength and confidence that comes by living a virtuous life.

In the world, today we have seen an increase in the intensity of the attacks on a women’s identity and virtue. The media, women liberation organizations and the fashion industry has all promulgated an image of what a woman should look like or be like, and has showed many misleading images of womanhood.

These images in some cases has caused some women to be distracted from who they really are, dismayed by how they look, and even enticed them to behave in ways that may be ungodly trying to live up to these images. So, if you can be dismayed, discouraged, distracted, delayed, or disqualified from being worthy to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and stray away from your divinity, then the enemy has won.

Remember, you are daughters of God. You cannot be a generation of young women who are just contented to fit in with the norms of society. You must have the courage to stand out, to “arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” When you do not conform to the beauty or social standards of the world, the world would have you believe that you are not significant—that you are out of fashion and out of touch with reality. The world calls to you with the unrelenting, noisy voices to “live it up,” “try everything,” “experiment and be happy.” On the other hand, the Holy Spirit whispers to you from within and invites you to “walk in the paths of virtue,” “lay aside the false misleading images of this world,” “and cleave unto your divinity.”

Deep beauty springs from virtue. There is beauty in being chaste and morally clean. It is the kind of beauty that is unique, that you see in the eyes of all virtuous women. Such is the beauty that is earned through faith, repentance, and honoring a relation with God.

The world places so much emphasis today on physical attractiveness and would have you believe that you are to look like the elusive models seen on the cover of a magazine. Please be assured that God has wondrously created you, and would tell you that you are each uniquely beautiful. When you are a woman who is virtuous, chaste, and morally clean, your inner beauty glows in your eyes and in your face. It is true, “If you live close to God and His infinite grace, you won’t have to tell anyone that you are doing so, it will show in your face.”14 When you are worthy of the companionship of the Holy Spirit, you are confident and your inner beauty shines brightly. And so “let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and … the Holy Spirit shall be thy constant companion.”

We have read in the word of God that “the gift of the Holy Spirit … quickens all the intellectual faculties, increases, enlarges, expands and purifies all the natural passions and affections in us. … It inspires virtue, kindness, modesty, goodness, tenderness, gentleness and charity. It develops beauty of person, form and features.”

Women naturally bring with them into the world a certain virtue, a divine gift that makes them adept at instilling such qualities as faith, courage, empathy, and refinement in relationships, in cultures, and in the world. Women play a pivotal role in the enhancement of society.

Most sacred is a woman’s role in the creation of life – the woman give birth. We know that our physical bodies have a divine origin4 and that we must experience both a physical birth and a spiritual rebirth in order to reach the highest realms in God’s celestial kingdom. Thus, women play an integral part in God’s work and glory “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” As grandmothers, mothers, and role models, women have always been the guardians of the wellspring of life, and should be teaching each generation that come the importance of sexual purity—of chastity before marriage and fidelity within marriage. In this way, they would be a civilizing influence in society; bringing out the best in men; they would be able to perpetuate wholesome environments in which to raise secure and healthy children.

Attitudes toward human sexuality threaten the moral authority of women on several fronts. Abortion for personal or social convenience will strike at the heart of a woman’s most sacred powers and destroys her moral authority. The same is also true of sexual immorality and of revealing dress that not only debases women but helps to reinforce the lie that a woman’s sexuality is what defines her worth. We have enough vanity among women; we need more virtue.

My plea to women and girls today is to protect and cultivate the moral force that is within you; which is your divinity. Preserve that innate virtue and the unique gifts you bring with you into the world. Your intuition is to do good and to be good, and as you follow the Holy Spirit, your moral authority and influence will grow. To the young women I say, don’t lose that moral force even before you have it in full measure. Take particular care that your language is clean, and seasoned with wisdom, not coarse; that your dress reflects modesty, not vanity; and that your conduct manifests purity, not promiscuity. Remember this, you cannot lift others to virtue on the one hand if you are entertaining vice on the other.

God is getting ready to use women, both young and older, to help in the restoration process, so we need to begin sanctifying ourselves. I pray that He finds many of us living the virtuous life.

Supplements for Women

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for Women

by Marilyn Mars




Eating a well-balanced diet may be hard to do. However these supplements can help you reach your goals.


You try to eat healthy, but somehow with all that you may have going on you are still unable to do so. To help fill this void consider adding a supplement to your diet.



Helps to keep your bones and teeth strong. Calcium is beneficial to the body, particulary needed by postmenopausal women, when they are at a risk for sbone loss and osteoporosis.


Best food sources: Milk, cheese, and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium. If diary foods does not agree with you there are other foods that can also give you calcium like spinach, kale, okra, collards, soybeans and white beans.


Vitamin D

This is commonly know to aid the body's absorption of calcium in order to build strongs bones. Low leavels of vitamin D in the body has been linked to depression, heart disease and disbetes.


Best food sources: We get our daily dose of vitamin D from sunlight, however, that may not be always possoisble. So supplement by loading up with food like fish (salmon, trout, tuna) mushrooms, and milk.



Every month women lose iron fron their body through mensrtrual periods. Therefore it is imperative to replace that which was lost. Iron is essential for cell growth because it helps produce red blood cells, it also supports a strong immune system and maintin cognitive development.


Best food sources: Most meat sources like lean red meat, chicken and turkey are good for iron. You can also eat liver, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and lentils.



If you find yourself struggling with PMS, migraines, irritability, and painful cramps. You need to add more magnesium to your diet.


Best food sources: Dark leafy vegetables are best, but you can also eat some bananas, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds and soybeans.


Vitamin A

Daily doses of vitamin A helps to keep your eyes and vision sharp. It also helps your immune system function smoothly and helps your body to fight off disease.


Best food sources: Carrots, Iceberg lettuce, Sweet potatoes, Mustard greens, Butternut squash, whole milk, Kale.


Dressing Modestly

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"Women, young ladies, modesty means you have beauty and power. And you use that to teach men how to love you for the right reasons".

"Women are constantly bombarded in movies, television, fashion magazines, and in advertisements with the message that looks are everything! The pitch is, ‘If your looks are good enough, your life will be glamorous and you will be happy and popular.’ That kind of pressure is immense in the teenage years,  and continues into womanhood. It is no wonder that so many women, and far too many teens and girls are obsessed with how they look. They want to be beautiful, just like all of those women that they see in the media every day. Part of that desirability, according to the underlying messages from many fashion magazines and media stars, lies in clothing, especially revealing clothing. In too many cases too much is being done to the human body to meet just such a fictional (to say nothing of superficial) standard…In terms of preoccupation with self and a fixation on the physical, this is more than social insanity; it is spiritually destructive, and it accounts for much of the unhappiness in women who may not be able to live up to these standards.

The key to understanding what constitutes modesty in dress, is for a woman to sincerely examine the attitudes and intents of her heart. Those whose hearts are inclined toward revealing their dignity will make every effort to dress modestly, decently, and appropriately. Those whose hearts are inclined toward self objectivity will dress in a manner designed to draw attention to themselves with little or no regard for the consequences to themselves or others. Her only desire is in telling the world that she determines her own worth on a purely physical basis and that that her attrativeness depends on how much of her body she reveals. Further, by dressing in an immodest fashion, displaying her body for men to lust after, she causes her brothers to sin, and the reality is that immodest dress affects men, young and old, some men are even disgusted by this. It should be noted that the way that one dresses have a great imapct on others.

Especially to the young ladies, when you live only “to be looked at,” self-conscious of our bodies, you are left with fewer mental and physical resources to do what can really bring happiness. You perform worse on math tests, logical reasoning tests, athletic performance, have lower sexual assertiveness (including the ability to say “no” when needed), and you are left unfulfilled and unhappy. There are many young ladies that can attest to this.

Women should learn to dress modestly, not because we want them to do so but  because they understand that their worth is not determined by how much of their bodies they reveal. We want them to do it because they know that the media has LIED to them about what real beauty is all about. We want them to do it because they know that they are SO much more than just a beautiful object to be displayed for men to desire. They are daughters of God who loves them, and who has blessed them with talents and abilities within the context of their incredible bodies that will allow them to make a difference in the world, and in so doing, to find more joy than they have ever known. Modesty in dress sends a message of purity and honor. It puts an emphasis on and values the inner person over outward attractiveness. It says that a person is worth far more than what meets the eye. There is a depth of character that rises above beauty or charm. When we dress modestly, we are saying that we posses inner qualities for which we should gain appropriate attention and value from others.

Young women, older women, you have the potential to learn, to accomplish and to become. So just do it.