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The Importance of Water to the Body

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The Importance of Water to the Body


Human beings can survive without food for about thirty to forty days – about five weeks – but without water their life will end in about three to five days. The average person body is made up of approximately 70% water although the water content varies from person to person and from one body part to another.

The body water supply is responsible for and is involved in nearly every body process:

• Digestion

• Absorption

• Circulation

• Excretion

Water is:

• Primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and necessary for all building functions in the body

• Helping in the maintenance of normal body temperature

• Important in carrying waste material out of the body, therefore it is important to replace the water that is constantly being lost when we sweat and eliminate

• Essential to help lubricate the joints

• Essential in helping the lung tissue to keep moist, to facilitate oxygen intake and carbon dioxide excretion, water is essential for breathing. Approximately one pint of water is lost each day through exhaling.


A drop in the water content in the body causes a decline in blood volume. The lowering on the blood volume triggers the hypothalamus, which is the brain’s thirst center, to send out a demand for a drink. This also causes a rise in the concentration of sodium in the blood and the built up of toxins in the body system.

When you do not drink enough water, you become dehydrated. As we age we have a lesser reserve of water in the body so it is important that we drink enough water even when we do not feel thirsty. Drinking water can also help to control overeating, as thirst is sometimes mistaken for hunger.


Drinking quality water can be very beneficial for virtually all disorders know to humankind, helping to prevent or improve conditions like:

• Bowel and bladder problems. Helps with constipation

• Headaches can be reduced by drinking water

• Flush out toxins in the body system

• Anxiety attacks

• Food intolerances, “acid stomach”, and heartburn

• Colitis pain

• Hot flashes

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, muscle soreness

• Slowing the aging process

• Kidney stones

• Arteriosclerosis

• Obesity, excessive body fat

• Glaucoma and cataracts

• Diabetes and hypoglycemia

Without adequate water, we would poison ourselves with our own metabolic wastes. The kidneys remove waste products such as uric acid, urea, and lactic acid, all of which must be dissolved in water. If there is not enough water available in the body to dissolve these substances that can damage the kidneys. If you do not take in enough water to maintain fluid balance, every bodily function can be impaired. The more active you are, the more water you must consume to keep your body’s water level in balance. Drink about 10 full glasses of quality water (80 ounces) daily.




Love Your Body

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By:Marilyn Mars

"Your Body is Precious, So treat it will Respect"

How have you being treating your body? Have you ever stop to consider:


  1. The amount of unhealthy foods that you put in your body.
  2. The negatrive self thoughts about your body: I don't like how my body looks, it is too fat, too thin, too ugly etc.


However despite everything your body went through, the poor nutrition and the negative self thoughts,  it still functions. Inside, there are millions of microscopic systems working without you even noticing. Your body is a unique and incredible creation. So instead of loading it up with unhealthy foods and obsessing over how it looks, you can focus on the benefits your body gives you, and this will inspire you to treat it with respect. It will also help you to see the negative consequences of destructive behaviors.



Whether your body is a size zero or a size twenty, you can learn to love your body, loving your body lies in changing your body image, instead of changing its appearance. Body image is the way you perceive your body and how you believe others perceive it. It relates to the feelings about it and the sense of feeling connected with your body. Body image lies at the core of self-esteem and self-confidence.

You can begin to love your body by:

Becoming friends with your body

Put away every negative feeling about your body and write down every positive aspect of your body. Think about the things your body does for you every single day, it carries you around, it performs all necessary life functions, and also about everything that you can do with your remarkable body. Once you do this, you will realize your body isn’t so bad at all and you can hang out with it. You may not be able to love it entirely as yet, especially if you have negative feeling about it, but you can start to become its friend. Consider your body as your buddy, with whom you work together to fulfill your dreams.

When you begin to think like this, you will want to begin caring about the foods that you put in your body.


Accepting Your Body

Loving your body takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Once you became friends with your body and realize the benefits of it, you can start accepting it. You will start to look at yourself in the mirror without judgment, and your eyes will be open to its beauty. However, this does not mean that your inner-critic won’t speak up. But you can now make the decision to silence that voice by not listening to it and decide to be kind to your body.


Appreciating your body

Once you accept your body the way it is, you can start learning to appreciate it. You don’t need to celebrate it yet, just be grateful for every aspect of it. When negative feelings arise you can say to yourself, “I am valuable no matter what size my body is” and “My beauty doesn’t depend on the way my body looks.” Think about all your passions and the dreams you want to fulfill and the role your body will play in helping you to fulfill those dreams.


Develop positive self-talk

Challenge your negative thoughts by using positive daily affirmations like, “I will be kind and loving to my body today” or “I will love my body today just the way it is.”  Do this over time, and with enough intention,  and see your positive body affirmations become your reality.

Develop a body-love practic

Nourish your body with the right nutrients and with a body love treatment. Start eating healthy, pamper yourself by taking a scented bath, get a great massage, look at your body in the mirror with appreciate  or dance around naked (that is fun). Do anything you like which benefits your body and will make you feel connected with it.


There was a time when I battle with my own body image but after years of battling, I said to myself, afterall this is the only body I have so why am I going through all this nonsence. I can now look in the mirror and be happy with my reflection. I have found peace. Not in changing my body, but in changing and growing the way I perceive myself, a Queen with a beautiful body temple. And the funny thing is, when I was able to love myself, to love my body, it begun to have a radiant glow, it begin to shape up, I begun to look and feel younger, and self confident.  Being beautiful and maintaining  a positive body image comes from within and you need to unlocked this feeling within you with positive affirmations. Yes, you can do it.

Loving your body will take a while, but the process is gratifying and worth the effort. What does it give you in return? It gives you, Your life!