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Marilyn Mars Ministries Of Restoration

Being Grateful; is Essential to WHO I AM

Having an Attitude of Gratitude is like having a pearl of great price.

Being grateful and showing gratitude to God for all that He has bestowed on you is so fundamental in molding or fabricating the I Am of your being. This shows up in your character and personality traits.

We can clearly differentiate between a person who is grateful and one who is not, by the way he or she conducts him or her self and the way that they treat others.

Being grateful is a divine quality which brings grace and favor into our lives, it opens the windows of heaven to us and establishes communication with God. However, gratitude is a feeling that arise in the heart that cannot be coerced. It cannot be willed into existence directly if it is not there. So gratitude for it to be effective, and for it to multiply endless possibilities in our lives must come from a genuine place.