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"Activating the Promise of Restoration - Jer. 30:17"

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While we at Marilyn Mars Ministries of Restoration are in harmony with the following websites, videos or articles on many things, we however wish to point out to our visitors the fact that if we have a link to a certain site it does not mean that we necessarily agree with or endorse all that is found on any of these sites etc. 

Our links to these sites indicates that we feel there is a great deal of benefit to be obtained from a visit to any of these sites, but, as in all things, let us continue to "prove all things, holding fast to only that which is good" 1 Thessalonians 5:2.

N.B  In the table below we have some links to human services that can help you temporary  and which may be beneficial to you in your restoration process.

 New York/Others
 New Jersey
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

EDUCATIONAL                       800.435-7555                     973-887-2772
  • Food Assistance
  • Telephone
  • Housing
  • Tenant Resources
  • Energy Assistance

Essex County Division of Community Action
50 South Clinton Street
3rd Floor, Suite 3201
East Orange, NJ 07017
Tel: 973-395-8350, 973-395-8356

   Drug Rehabilitation 
Inpatient Drug Rehab
Addiction Rehab Centers. Call 24/7. Private Insurance Only.

Inpatient Rehab in NJ
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Get Help Now, 24 hrs & Confidential‎
Reaching Across The World Ministries
194 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Phone: 718-453-4714  

New Hope Family Worship Center
817 Livonia Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11207
Phone: 718-342-1305