Ministries of Restoration

Marilyn Mars 

"Activating the Promise of Restoration - Jer. 30:17"

Men Pursuing Wisdom

I had once listen to a sermon by pastor and writer, Tony Evans, where he said…

  • As the man goes, so goes the family
  • As the family goes, so goes the church
  • As the church goes, so goes the community
  • As the community goes, so goes the city
  • As the city goes, so goes the state, then nation, and finally the world.

These statement I believe has some spiritual connotation to it. It is a reflection of the impact that the wisdom of man has on the entire world, whatever the man does control the world system. 

It was the intention of God when he made man, that he should be the foundation of the family that is why in the book of Genesis, chapter 1:26 God created the man first so that he can be responsible for everything that was created, he was to be the manager; for when there is no management or poor management growth is retarded. In Genesis Chapter 2:5, we see God after He finished creating the earth saw that there was no man to manage, so He decided to create man so that he can be the  manager of earth's resources.

However as we look around in the world today we see so much evidence of the mismanaging of the resources of God by men due to unrighteousness acts, which resulted in so much pain, poverty and suffering. Unless man is restored in his righteousness, gets back in alignment with his true and divine role, and acquire and acts from the wisdom of God, he will not be truly effective as a steward of the resources of the world. 

We can ask for wisdom,God is wiling to give such wisdom, knowledge, discernment, depth of insight, etc., but let us not ask only for the asking because we want it, just to to say we have it, as we will not receive these graces without active participation on our part. We must have a desire to abide or remain in him and his words will abide in us (John 15), his words must dwell in us richly (Col 3:16). Then the transformation begins.


The Purpose of the Male

God's strategy was to rule everything that he had created on earth through the human family. And the person that he place to be the head of the family is the male.

The man is supposed to :

Stay in God's presence: He is supposed to meditate on the word of God's everyday in order to gain direction on how to manage himself and his family. Read, understand, seeking purpose and being taught from the word of God should be one of his primary focus.


Work: The first activity that God give to man to do after the earth was created is work. Genesis 2:15. Work was given to man so that he can discover, become, find fulfillment, and become who he was created to be through self manifestation. Work is the manifestation of his inborn skills and talents. Whatever was given to him, he was suppose to creatively multiply, and earn monetarily from it to meet the needs of himself and family.

Work was given to man to do and realize before God decided to give the man a woman. Man must have a vision for his life before he should ever seek to marry or have a woman, because a woman comes into a man's life to fulfill her purpose as help meet, she was created to help the male in the manifestation of his vision, help him to do his work. She comes equipped, was created by God with all the intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge needed to help the male. If the man has no work, what is there for the woman to do. If he has no vision what is there for her to follow. 

That is why a woman becomes frustrated when she encounter a man who has no work, no assignment, no plan, no vision for her to work along with. Often times in absence of a man's vision, the woman will go about to pursue her own vision and this brings a lot of disgruntle feeling  from the man, but he need only blame himself and not the woman. The man had nothing for her to do, that is why he often times finds her annoying when she starts to question him and talk too much, asking him about his intentions. 

I have watched too many men demand that their wives go out and be the primary breadwinner, while they lay back. To me, that is a opt-out.  Many also has refused to go out an find a job, so the woman has to. It multiplies stress in an already-stressed families and leaves too many children to parent themselves. Too many men are gripped with an unrelenting fear when it comes to being the breadwinner of the family, and I am somewhat convinced that the root cause is spiritual. Fear has struck,and resided in the hearts of men and has handicapped them from having  the power to responsibly provide for their families. Many women and children has suffered as a result, being deprived of many basic needs.

Cultivate, guard and protect: When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, his job was to cultivate or develop, keep watch and protect everything entrusted to him from the devil's deception. Adam's role back then is man's role today. Men need to protect their "garden" from the lie, deceptions, dark acts, and destructive works propagated in society today. The personal garden of the man, can be understood as wherever God has assigned him to live, work, and play. The people who inhabit the garden, especially the women and children entrusted to the man's leadership, are his responsibility to protect. Men do not shun your responsibility to protect those under your care, stand up.

Many children has been bullied in school because they were unprotected by their own fathers, the honor of many daughters were trampled upon because the fathers failed to protect them, many women also were dishonored because the man fail to protect. A society in which men has fail to stand up and offer protection is a society of aggression, crime, and hate. If men would only use their God-given ability as protectors, especially in the family,  they would be able to turn the things around and bring a sense of safety that everybody needs, beginning first in the family then into the communities and the world at large—the bullies will have to stop bulling  and the bullied will no longer have to suffer, thus all will benefit.

Keep God's commandments - teach from his word: The man was given the commission to be the overseer, teacher  of his family. In  order for him to be effective in doing this, he himself must be taught, he must understanding the word of God, and understand the life application of the word, it order for him to teach his family. He must diligently seek God's will through meditation and prayers so that his understanding will be enlighten. After which he must life a live of example, demonstrating those godly principles that he would like to see emulated in his family.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be dded unto you” (Matthew 6:33 KJV).

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down,and when thou risest up” (Deuteronomy 6:5-7 KJV).

Praise is more that mere words spoken from the lips of men, but it is a heart felt response to God for keeping us in his grace and favor. In our homes and our churches we need to see more men leading the way -  praising God. When the head of the family (the male) does this, it is so really commendable and honorable.

Responsibility: Men you are responsible to yourself first to have the right attitudes and mind set before you can ever think about taking up the responsibility of husband or father. Boys cannot do man work., and they should not try to. When boys take up man role we find a lot of dysfunction in the family, because when the pressures of life start  they often abandon and run away from their responsibility, they cannot stand.

Standing up as a man to your responsibility as husband and father takes a lot of strength, maturity and consistency. We need men who can speak up and stand up. Men who will be good providers for their family, serving them financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Men who will closely supervise the activities of their children and provide enough parental interaction to address the positive or negative behavior and attitudes, and ensure that no serious incidents goes unnoticed. 

Children need a father involvement in the area of disciple, we discover that in the homes where fathers were there and active in this responsibility there was a minimal of delinquent behavior. There are so many negative influences in the society today, in the media, television, and we really need the strength of the male to help keep the family stabilized.

Today it is so sad to say that we have a generation of men who are Adam look-alike. These are more interested in selfish satisfaction then the things that are destroying our children and our family, like the rise of crime, more of our youths are going to jail, for crimes which they could have avoided if they were trained properly by the men in their lives. Many husbands and fathers watch their young daughters leave out of the home scantly dressed in the name of style and fashion, and say or do nothing about it. Many also watch their wives buy into false values of what beauty is. They stand silently by and watch their family view all kind of programs on the television that does not enhance righteous living.

Men were given the responsibility by God to proclaim and teach the truth, to help fill earth with culture of heaven, to teach kingdom principles to establish and uphold righteous living starting with his family - that was his mandate.

When man fails in his responsibility he leaves a world wide open to the criminal and immoral ideologies consuming our culture and our world today. Man it is time to arise up into your role and speak up.

We desperately need you, men, to stand side by side with your woman and children in order to bring about this restoration, that we all need this time in our world. There is hope if you could collectively build up courage, open your mouth speak up and proclaim biblical truths against all the criminal and immoral ideologies that we see spreading in the world today. 

Male Role Modelling 

Many young men today don't know what it really means to be a man because they don’t have a male father figure in their lives. Sadly, many children will go to bed tonight without saying goodnight to their father because he just isn’t there.

Nearly one-fourth of America’s children live in mother-only families. 

Statistics has shown that of the children living with their mothers, 35 percent never see their fathers  and 24 percent see their fathers less than once a month.

More than likely, a woman teaches them at school and at home. So, where do they see and interact with positive male role models? So where do young men learn what it means to be a man? from Television? Movies? On the street?

Even in some homes where the father is present, research shows that the average father spends less than 10 minutes a day one-on-one with his child. In our society today, emotional and spiritual fatherlessness is becoming quite  the norm. Many of today’s fathers did not have positive role models to show them how to be a father, so they are not there to show their children what it means to be a father.

No matter how great a mother is, she cannot replace what a father provides to a child. Irrefutable research shows that mothers are typically nurturing, soft, gentle, comforting, protective and emotional. Fathers tend to encourage risk-taking and to be challenging, prodding, loud, playful and physical. Children need a balance of protection and reasonable risk-taking. If a positive male role model isn't around, there is a void in a child's life. Children without positive male role models are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, premarital sexual activity, do poorer in school and participate in unhealthy activities.

Studies have also shown that involvement of a father or a positive male role model has profound effects on children. Father-child interaction promotes a child’s physical well-being, perceptual ability and competency for relating with others. Furthermore, these children demonstrate greater ability to take initiative and shows evidence self-control.

So how can you make a positive difference for these children?

  • Men be a positive male role model, by having real involvement in your child's life.
  • If you're a non-custodial dad, make the effort to visit with your children more often. You can also     be very intentional about teaching them important life lessons.
  • Fathers be more active in your child's classroom, in their education. Make visits to the school.
  • You can also influence the lives of children in your community by being a positive male role model.
  • Be a part of any Faith-based institutions and programs that help bring fathers together with their children and encourages male role models to engage children in their sphere of influence.